Monday 27 August 2012

French Connection, London

How good are French Connection looking?  It looks like that awful previous campaign has been dropped (thankfully?, hopefully? Remember.... I am handbag, You are Goat....kind of thing which had a bearded Scandinavian feel about it, and absolutely and completely nonsense) anyway, someone here appears to have gripped this puppy by the throat and these guys seem to be back on track, picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and looking damn good.  We did think that it was touch and go with this brand and its probably taken every ounce of energy to get here.  In the meantime,  we've seen a few of these large format vinyls at the entrance of stores in places such as the new Juicy store along Regent street and they do look cool, don't you think?  We love how this store along Oxford street looks right now and really glad to be able to stop by and be wowed.  Love it. 

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