Monday 13 August 2012

Adidas, Shanghai

Things change and move on and nothing lasts forever.  The London Olympics have come to an end in the most spectacular way, but then we in the UK were always good at closing things down; remember Thatcher?  Anyway, we've moved onto Shanghai and we're sweating more than the sweatiest Lycra wearing Olympian but exploring the delights of this magnificent city anyway.  We're seven...ish hours ahead of the UK so its desperately late...or early? and we're working through the night in search of the best windows that we can find.  Hands up, Adidas is looking hot right now and just like Nike we have an army of mannequins guarding the entrance to their store.  Adidas has never looked so good with their massive Dragon vinyl placed on the fenestration adding to the excitement shared around the world.  Amazing stuff.

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