Friday 18 May 2012

Penhaligon, London

We are really trying to be constructive, but cu'mon guys make an effort?  We love the product here but clearly budgets are, as usual, as tight as Greece's annual spend right now and 'voila', here's the celebration of the UK's moment of historic glory in a 3-d cardboard graphic crown; every expense spared and any enthusiasm communicated like wet lettuce surrounding a fantastic product.  The saddest words are always......'another missed opportunity'.  We doubt that there will be another Jubilee like this in our life time no matter how hard we are working on living for ever (although so far so good).  Therefore, unfortunately this scheme will be relegated to the history of one of the ones 'of how not to celebrate an historic moment'.  Maybe Penhaligon are saving their budget for an amazing Olympic scheme?   Fingers crossed then.  In the meantime, we're reminded of the work of Craig Damrauer who produces the amazing mathematical equations such as Love = Like x Like, and April = March + Optimism to name just a couple, although perhaps in the case of this scheme Fantastic Product + Cheap Scheme = Brand Damage?   Or, what we think + what we write = Telling it like it is?

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