Wednesday 2 May 2012

Moss Bros, London

When did Moss Bros get cool?  Well, about a week ago to be exact.  We didn't think we would ever include this brand on this site as we do attempt to seek out the creative and interesting rather than act as brands' free PR, however, we are quite mesmerised at this 'extreme makeover' at the store along Regent st.  As part of the Regents st. Windows project, Moss Bros have been preened and plucked into shape by Architects Delevendahl Martin who's installation is intended to 'distort the perception of depth and perspective as viewed from the street'.  This really is a remarkable transformation for a brand which is usually so lame  on the visual front thats its painful to look at while rushing by. We can only hope that the purse string holders in the finance deparment at this brand will slip into underwear that is a little less restricting, unclench their very tight buttocks and release the funds to continue with such an exciting approach.  We know you guys read this stuff, this is a remarkable change, and we really hope to see more.  Will we?

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