Saturday 19 May 2012

Damien Hirst, London

For some bizarre reason, while we've seen Hirst's work countless times, we haven't ever seen it in the flesh - so to speak.  We hadn't realised how enormous some of these pieces actually are and very impressive too.  We're on a culture mission at the moment, soaking up everything London has to offer and loving every minute of it.  OK, well this show is a little pricey but if you are in need of information, inspiration or just an excuse to get out of the office, then you could do no worse then pop over to the Tate Modern and see this all of the vast amounts of other Art works here also.  These are incredible places to top up on that much needed culture in Visual Merchandising on the high street, and consider how we can apply and build on what we see in order to erode the literal use of work like this that we see so much of.  What we mean by that is that we wouldn't wish to simply drop a Damien Hirst lookie-likie piece into the middle of a department store, but consider and unravel the thinking behind the pieces produced in order to inform our own design processes. 

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