Friday, 27 April 2012

Wallis, London

Images Courtesy and Copyright DisplayOne / Wallis

When did Wallis start looking so fricking cool, eh?  With so many brands on the high street; most looking so identical that one can only wonder how they ever make a profit?  However, Wallis is screaming through the malls and high streets across the country that once again they are a force to be reckoned with.  In conjunction with the incredibly talented guys at Wallis looks good again.  We finally have something to say about these guys and are therefore gladly sharing the love.  For so long, this brand seemed to whither away and only just about teetered teasingly above the parapet keeping us wondering whether they would be 'doing the walk of shame' back to the Green room of no-brand-land and sitting on that no-brand-land-couch with Barratt Shoes, Woolworths and The Pier while we all stood back and wondered.....'wha' happen'.  But, now..........taadaa....someone clearly has their finger firmly on the pulse and breathing some life back into this monolithic company.  Just watch this space, we want to see what they do next - no pressure though guys.

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  1. Okay...that's a little bit of pressure. :) It's great when a retailer steps up their game, especially when you think they might be on the way out. Thanks so much for sharing Wallis with us.



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