Monday 16 April 2012

Bugatti B>More, Dubai

Like a beacon of creative hope at the Wafi Mall (the one with the hideous plastic Egyptian theme), Bugatti BMore shouts its presence.  Sadly the Wafi is almost always empty of people and the number of empty shop units here is quite surprising.  This is a shame really as there are some little gems of stores to explore including the department store Salam which looks very cool, but it appears to be dying a very slow and painful death given that the Mall of the Emirates has its ski Dubai and the the Dubai Mall is so vast that we can only do bite sized visits and is jammed full of shoppers after 4.00pm.  Anyway, with their fingers clearly on the pulse, Bugatti BMore have a least three current trends here with their wired, Neon and of course the references to Fine Art with its nod to Mondrian.   

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