Thursday 29 March 2012

Proportion>London, London

With retail trends constantly evolving and the prevailing fashion taste ever changing, it can be a daunting task for today’s Visual Designer to keep abreast of the latest looks and respond with the most appropriate mannequin styles.  Proportion>london make this challenge a thing of the past, with their newly launched collection SERIES: envisaged to be the VM mannequin solution of the future.
SERIES is a benchmark concept, a “workhorse” collection created in a collaborative process between proportion’s sales and design team. Working in unison, they identified a checklist of fundamental VM requirements: a core range of must-have poses, choice of a number of definitive head styles, consummate body shape that carries clothing well and the ability to customise options easily for today’s progressive fashion brands. Sculpted in a carefully honed style, the aesthetic continues seamlessly through both male and female collections.

The female SERIES collection will be on show at the proportion>london three open days starting 17th April.  Give these guys a call or check them out online at

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