Thursday 8 March 2012

Pop Boutique, London

We've purchased quite a few things at POP Boutique over the 15...ish years these guys have been here after launching their vintage collection of stuff at Topshop in Oxford Circus (yep.......we remember you guys).  But anyway, while perusing the wares of Covent Garden it suddenly struck us that this Boutique doesn't really offer more than we could have found in Carnaby street during the 80's.  This is a shame really as we really, really want this Boutique to be as cool a it was 15 years ago.  Mannequins appear as bored drones that hate each other, the usual vintage stuff we are also bored of crams this window, staff are not particularly friendly or helpful and yet we so want to love it, but only just about can bring ourselves to support it.  Anyway, that said, we would really like to see some more of the unusual 'buys' here rather than the usual retro garb we see just about everywhere else.  Sadly, this Boutique has lost its edge, but we guess the tourists love it?  Chuck out the lava lamps and crap crockery and lets see some life and edge back in this store?

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