Wednesday 8 February 2012

Louis Vuitton, London

Have you been down to Bond Street to see the new scheme at Louis Vuitton right now?  Well probably not as its just been completed, so here it is for you all.  The use of horses in schemes has been bubbling up for a short time, so here you go....not just absolutely on trend but leading the way in their usual show-it-like-is-style, confident as always with a quality of finish that most can only envy.  We love it.  Its freezing cold in London right now so we made a video for those of you reading this in far more exotic places and cant get to see this scheme in person to enable you to experience it a little better than static images.  You have to forgive the shaky camera work as we were shivering while we captured this - but absolutely worth it.  The link:  

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