Thursday 26 January 2012

Karl Lagerfeld, Paris

We can hardly believe that we managed to get so close to Karl Lagerfeld, .....bizarre, eh?  Lagerfeld has just 'launched an on line fashion collection in conjunction with the London-based web retailer Net-a-Porter' and we were there.  How incredible.  We didn't expect to see this amazing designer so closely and as you can see from our images, it was quite a scrum but we got the 'money shots' that we wanted to share with you as well as the gorgeous giveaways.  We're in Paris right now to have a look at the latest and greatest in Design, the trends, the journey's and so on.  We have already spotted some amazing 'bits' which we will share over the next week or so.  Tomorrow...........Prada's 24 hour Museum..!  If you're not in Paris right now, you have already missed it.  However don't worry, we made a quick few videos and took lots of shots and will share with you very shortly.

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