Monday 9 January 2012

Grand Canyon, Arizona

We decided to escape the constant blinging of the slot machines for a couple of days in search of some hidden Gems further afield.  It was quite bizarre to see the time on our telephones change, particularly as back in the UK we only have one time zone.  Anyway, we're just across the next time zone in Arizona right now looking at some of the trading posts and visitor villages.  OK, well we haven't found much in the form of Visual Merchandising, per se, although we have found some wooden structured buildings painted in the most delicious colours which we've captured for our records.  We did come across the local undertakers and some interesting examples of POS however.  Well, 'it does what it says on the tin' kind of scenario and brought an ironic smile to our faces at least.  While we weren't that surprised not to find the most cutting edge 'stuff', this really is a most stunning area to visit nonetheless. 

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