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Monday, 5 December 2011

Miu Miu, London

We saw this scheme a few weeks ago along Bond St. and even our camera was blinded by the bling at this store.  The scheme has 'historical' references, sort of reminiscent of some country home somewhere in the world although perhaps not so accurately 'copied'.  This is a shame in a way as we are sure that this brand has the cash to do far more.  We wanted to see oil paintings of people who really were no oil painting themselves and an enormously lavish interior space to take us on a journey to somewhere that we may never go or may never existed.  However, we seem to have some decorative 'bits' sprayed Gold from a local DIY store and applied, albeit to a fabulous colour Blue background..  Gorgeous floor though.  (oh and we keep our handbags high up on the wall too, dont you?)

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