Tuesday 8 November 2011

French Connection, London

We've been keeping a cursory eye on what this brand has been doing for quite some time.  We have to say, that they are trying so incredibly hard to get this brand back on the rails which is massively admirable and we're 100% behind you guys and willing you on.  We did read this scheme initially as 'I am The Christmas Widow' rather than 'Window' which made us chuckle, however, this really does look wonderfully avant garde and great to see on the high street.  However, the problem, we guess, is not with the presentation or the concept behind it, but with the merchandise itself?  We'd love to shop here, but the competition is is so fierce on the high street and Zara is just doing it so much better.  In store, we love the illuminated fixtures, but the merchandise is just not right at the price its being sold for.  What do you think?

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