Friday, 21 October 2011

Pull and Bear, London

We were really drawn into the Pull and Bear store this week.  The references to Fine Art in their window scheme looks really great and we were very excited to take a closer look.  Unfortunately, the scheme stops at the window and out come the stacked suitcases in pigeon holes or on the top of shelves with a foam board graphic referencing the window schemes (well one or two at least).  We feel a little cheated here.  We don't often enter past the threshold of this brand but we did make a concerted effort to take a closer look and do a little perusing for possible purchases.  The merchandise isn't great and nothing that one couldn't buy anywhere else... really....the usual menswear in Black, Brown, Grey, Blue or checkered - oh joy.  Still, there's hope and we will certainly keep a look out for where they go next anyway. 

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