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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hermes, London

We had a large dose of Deja vu recently when we saw the current scheme at Hermes.  Of course we love the Hermes scheme, although we had already spotted the 'same' scheme within the windows of an independent interiors store along Wigmore street last July (actually 22nd July, images below).   Oh dear, someone is so busted.  We've been debating whether to put this on-line and save someones blushes but decided that since we have to work so hard to develop new ideas and new concepts ourselves which involves enormous amounts of time researching and developing, as do so many others within the Visual Merchandising industry, then why should anyone else not?  Right?  Schemes within Luxury brands don't come cheap and research and development time would have certainly been factored into the cost to the brand.  Whether the same company produced both is irrelevant, this is something we just don't do as  these kind of situations can begin to undermine the brand.  We're just telling it like it is.

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