Monday 24 October 2011

Fortnum and Mason, London

We're huge fans of what the guys at Fortnum's do, and they recently won a few very well deserved awards recently for what they do also - and rightly so.  As we nearly always mention, if you want to understand how to handle product like this, then this is definitely the place to look and see it at its best.  With their wit and humour and massive detail, we cant help but be drawn into follow what they do.  As they now begin to transform their windows into their famous Christmas schemes, we have just about managed to capture their penultimate scheme for this year with references to Halloween (and oddly one of the few brands to do so, but then Halloween is not as big here as in the U.S.) but anyway,  if you want to know 'how its done' make a bee-line for Fortnum and Mason and get licking those windows.

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