Friday 9 September 2011

Vogue Fashion's Night out, London

If you weren't in town last night then you missed the best night of the year here in London.  Naturally we cant be everywhere, however we made our way around town from Agent Provocateur and their gorgeous 'papped' lingerie wearing model, the latest and greatest from the students at the London College of Fashion and the amazing flexible factory at the Plaza.  You must go and visit this.  On to Louis Vuitton and, well wow.  Having jumped the queue we had photographs taken in their seaside 'like' photo-facades.  We continue to be huge fans and thank you to our contacts (you know who you are - you are fantastic).  DKNY had a NY taxi parked outside their store, Hermes had the most incredibly fun  Bangle Bowling.  We were very tempted to join in, but the queue was far to long, and Dior had a Dior clad London taxi stationed outside the store.  Mcqueen looked as incredible as ever and if we worked the floor hard enough we think we may have secured a significant amount of discount of Nicole Farhi.  Thank you so much to the lovely assistant in the new store at Nicole Farhi store along Conduit St. who is an absolute gem and we really enjoyed chatting to you in the menswear department.  If you could remember to destroy all the other completed applications for this massive discount we will of course be very grateful.  No pressure of course, but we know where you live and you have to sleep some time.  Just kidding, a wonderful evening.

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