Thursday 15 September 2011

Cos, London

This is such an incredibly interesting narrative that COS are working right now with their less than obvious fashion direction.  And we like it very much.  The guys at COS have created a kind of mini 'set' where our eyes automatically fill any void spaces and take us on a journey to a place long gone or possibly never existed.  However there is a touch of nostalgia about this scheme.  It appears as if we have a small carefully selected section of an Architects office, with possible references to 'The Fountainhead' with the use of the images of Architecture and a small screen view through a space and just a few strategically placed items.  Beautifully thought through scheme bordering on the Abstract.  If we were to be pedantic (of course so unlike us) the base of the anglepoise should be square rather than round as the round bases appeared in anglepoise lamps in later versions in the latter half of the 20th Century, but we wont tell anyone.

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