Thursday 22 September 2011

Alberta Ferretti, London

WTF?  Oh VM God help us.  We always attempt to include the best of the VM industry but there are the odd occasions when we find ourselves not stunned by the wonder and intellect of some of the window schemes around the world but also stunned at the lack of care of some brands out there.  While all brands wish, of course, for us to part with our Sterling, Euro, Dollar, Yen and so on, don't we all at least expect these brands to tempt us, encourage us, entice us....oh the list goes on.  Sadly, at Ferretti along Sloane st. (one of the most exclusive parts of London for those of you reading this internationally) it seems that the 'Saturday-girl-who-works-on-the-fitting-room' scenario is kicking in here.  It seems clear that there is no direction currently at this brand which of course could be so incredibly wonderful.   But just look at the state of these wigs, huh?  We cant even bring ourselves to talk about the rest of this scheme, although lets hope that the VM roller coaster wont be dipping this low for much longer?

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