Wednesday 10 August 2011

Narciss Fashion, London

We came across this scheme at Narciss Fashion in Notting Hill today which brought a welcome smile to our faces during the current London violence and despicable behaviour of the moronic, bored, listless and disengaged who contribute nothing to society and yet expect everything from it.  We are actually quite tired of even having to mention them so will resist getting up on the podium.   Sadly even some of the stores in this area miles away from the main troubled areas had windows smashed and cobweb-like fenestration looked like installations that should have been at the Tate Modern, albeit quite unintentionally.  Sadly, for this scheme, while clearly meant in jest, it has almost become something which is imitating, and / or reflecting real life as it is right now.  We can still see the funny side of this installation, although now it seems more like a child's therapy output to explain the pain and anger that cant be articulated without the necessary developed vocabulary.  This is such a shame when the guys here have obviously meant this to be fun.  However, it still is, and we have to read this in the light that it was originally produced in. We hope that these guys will continue to entertain us regardless. 

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