Wednesday 31 August 2011

Meltin' Pot, Italy

Image copyright Flavio and  Frank

If you happen to be spending any of the European Summer along Italy's East Coast, you could do no worse than visit this incredible new Denim brand 'Meltin Pot'.  With its cool new flagship store just recently opened in Riccione, in the Rimini Province it is always so refreshing to visit, explore and try a new brand.  The bonus of Meltin Pot is that its not currently on every single high street just yet around the globe -  always a refreshing relief.  This pilot flagship 'houses their complete denim collection for Men and Women' and what we particularly like about it is the clearly defined strong personality within its interior space 'using wood and steel combined with innovative technology'.  The combination of these elements with the cool lighting levels really does help create this incredible ambiance.  If you want to take a look yourself, head for the Palariccione Complex in Riccione or alternatively their Pop up Store currently in Berlin, Weinmeisterstrasse 2, Mitte.

Image Copyright Flavio and Frank

Image Copyright Flavio and Frank

Image Copyright Flavio and Frank
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