Saturday, 13 August 2011

Daks, London

Looter Chic?  Daks,  before or after the riots and looting?  Thankfully, here in lock-down London all seems quiet on the West End front and mercifully the looters and rioters have not attacked the CCTV'd area of Bond St - strange that, hey?  All of the sports, cell phone stores and oddly, discount stores have been hit, but luxury brands still seem the domain of dreaded yet sophisticated (at least in the operation) ram-raiders who perpetually harm our industry.  Here at Daks, it appears that the brand is empathising with the very badly (and incredibly sadly) hit independents by emulating the resulting effect?  Fashion future or just not getting it right? 
Oh...we know we can be flippant.....but we know that you know what we mean.

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  1. Monsoon also did a piece with portraits on their windows on High Street Kensington. I think portraits are too obvious but never loose their charm!


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