Monday 13 June 2011

Quicksilver, London

We were quite wowed by the latest scheme at Quicksilver.  We never look at this brand ordinarily as they don't do very much visually, so we were quite pleasantly surprised to view this latest installation at their Regent St. store.  It is following the trend that we have seen at a lot of retailers this year with this suspended merchandise, market-look.  Although, with their illuminated large format graphic and hard hitting yet poignant slogan "Don't destroy what you came to enjoy" this scheme is really quite interesting.  OK, well we wouldn't have used mannequins in a Black finish and the merchandise and the mannequin itself are not illuminated so they are rather lost in the scheme, although surely this is the point of putting it there in the first place?  Anyway, it is interesting to see this brand be rather more creative than usual so we'll keep an eye on them from a distance.

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