Monday, 6 June 2011

Louis Vuitton, London

Since we announced that we would be launching these images on yesterday, twitter and e-mails have gone quite bonkers.  As per usual the guys here are leading the way with the most exquisite presentation.  These gorgeous beaded curtains and almost life-like Zebras brought a smile to our faces while the rain pours around us here in London.  If you look-up close, the attention to detail is incredibly superb, as even the eyelashes and whiskers on these Zebras have been included.  The tiny Zebra narrative presenting the most delicious accessories create the differentiation from the original scheme to their Maison in Paris.  These guys are, as usual leading the way in presentation perfection.  What must it be like to be under that kind of pressure knowing that you are leading the way visually within retail globally?  Scary stuff, eh?

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