Friday, 10 June 2011

Alfred Dunhill. London

We're not sure who produces the schemes at Dunhill and particularly at this site next to Fortnum and Mason, however these guys always seem to produce such wonderful quality schemes.  Someone here knows all of the product dynamics and all the rules of window presentation as they always seem to get it so right.  Quietly working away and doing what they  do we are very intrigued to know who does these?  Does anyone know?


  1. Good call! This is good lookin displays at their finest. I love the trunks. Everything is in such good order, clean lines and just delicious to look at.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Our windows are done in house by my team under my direction. Thanks for the compliments!

    John Abbate
    Head of Visibility and Store Design
    Alfred Dunhill Ltd.

  3. Great to read all the above comments!

    To declare my interest: it is myself & the highly capable production team here at Icon & Co who have had the pleasure of helping realise the vision of John Abbate & his team at Dunhill for much of the past 10 years.

    We're proud to have been a part of this hugely positive transformation of the Dunhill brand!

    Timothy Brignall


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