Friday 6 May 2011

Moschino, London

Have you ever put anything into 'Wingdings' or 'Webdings' into microsoft word documents?  If you type anything into a document in these fonts, symbols appear as your text.  We're not quite sure why this font is even available or what the use of it is?  Well, anyway, the reason we mention this is because it was the first thing that sprang into our minds when we saw these land-of-the-giants tape measures in this scheme at Moschino.  In the mean time we were also chatting to a Bulgarian Graphic designer the other day with whom we discussed what he called 'the gypsy' influence currently in Sofia (his words not ours), however we can begin to see some connections and with a much wider perspective or broader view (or possibly a google earth view)  bring the strands together of what is happening in this scheme.  Whether we are hitting what these guys are trying to communicate is one thing and how their intention is being read is quite another however, this is an interesting scheme none-the-less and they do what they do very well.

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