Tuesday 17 May 2011

Levis, London

If you happen to be passing Levis along Regent st., do poke your head around the main doors and have a look at this installation by Ian Chesney as part of the Fashion and Architecture thing that's happening right now in this area of town (The Regent St. windows project). Unfortunately we were not sent information or invited to the launch of this event.....bizarre right? (was there one?)... so we don't have much information about it all and had to photograph it through the glass. We should have just gone to Thailand like Fergie recently I guess instead. But, ahem..... anyway, that aside, here we have lots of pairs of jeans creating Art. Well, if these guys wont invite us what do they want us to say, eh? Ultimately, of course this installation is quite spectacular. We have also had a look at Uniglo and Duchamp too which also have this kind of stuff installed and which we will post over the next few days.

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