Wednesday, 11 May 2011

B Store, London

Tucked in right at the end of Saville Row (near Issey Miyake) B store is a rather an elusive store.  Its odd shaped space shoe horned underneath a much larger building, this brand seems to completely work away quietly just doing what its doing - selling product.  There is something quite unusual about this brand although beyond the window scheme we are not sure what it is.  The presentation is always so beautifully produced and cleverly thought through.  Here, we have a vintage piece of furniture filled with what looks like plaster and cut horizontally into three pieces.  Ties have been draped across the top.  There is an almost 'fine art' approach to what these guys do and we are very intrigued.  If you happen to be this end of Saville row or half way down Conduit street maybe take a look and let us know what this brand is all about?

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  1. It's supremely understated. The design catches your attention because of its simplicity. It draws us in somehow. Now, I'm desperate to know what these folks are all about. Someone check them out and report back soon!

    Thanks for sharing this!
    -Heather :)


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