Monday 4 April 2011

Rootstein, London

If you havent yet seen the delicious new Rootstein collection, then, as promised here is a snippet for you.  This season Rootstein have launched their incredible new studio space too that must be the envy of everyone in the visual industry.  Their latest collections "Young & Restless" and "Temptation" are showcased against an incredible floor to ceiling projection, animated to the latest pumping music.  All of the senses are superbly and simultanously pleasured.  
"Young & Restless" are a "collection of super slender, achingly sexy male figures echo[ing] an exciting reflection of 21st century urban youth".  "Created to resonate with a generation quite happily in flux, the Young & Restless collection embraces the masculine and the feminine, the spirit of rock and the power of youth, above all else".
"Temptation, - introduces [us to] a mixed group of eight of fashions most exciting faces; an international tribe of dynamic young models who are already taking the fashion industry by storm". "Created to work either as stand-alone figures or in mixed groupings the versatile Temptation collection is underpinned by a tactile sensibility and an understated sexual frisson". "Every pose has a natural, easy connection to the others – an arm draped over a shoulder, a hand gently touching an elbow, a torso gently twisting toward another – that delivers a casual yet sophisticated message". "The subtle, realistic gestures and interconnected postures also allow large number of figures to be comfortably clustered together - making them perfectly suited to multi-figure, product heavy displays".
Nellie Fink once said, "You must create a fantasy that makes the viewer become part of it....And after all, isnt fantasy what we're all looking for?"  If ever there was a space, place and product that one would wish to become a part of, it certainly is here at Rootstein.

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