Thursday 7 April 2011

Proportion>London, London

Images Courtesy and Copyright Proportion>London
Have you been to see the new delicious collection from Proportion>London yet?
Have you ever visited somewhere and heard a piece of music that reminded you of a certain time? 
Have you smelled a perfume recently that reminded you of someone you enjoyed being with?
Have you been to an exhibition recently that made you feel absolutely in awe? 
We all know the experience of being somewhere completely unrelated and feeling that connection, right?  Having seen the new collection from Proportion>London we are absolutely in awe.  What these guys are thinking, where they are going and more importantly what they are doing is mind blowing to say the least.  Under the creative direction of the ever super creative Tanya Reynolds, their latest direction really is awe inspiring.  We were absolutely salivating over this collection and didn't want to leave the space today.  The combination of Tanya Reynolds (and the passion we would like to bottle please?) plus the collection she and her team are presenting is both avant garde and yet perfectly placed on the high street.  As ever, the only limitation is your imagination and if we were you, we would ask if we could move into this space and live there permanently.   So........ hitch up the ponies and head to Farringdon.  We guarantee you wont want to leave either.

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