Monday 25 April 2011

Liberty, London

This is the first entry of a weeks' worth of Royal Wedding celebratory window schemes.  Strangely, not many stores have taken the plunge and included a scheme in their windows.  We say strangely, as it seems that the ones that have included schemes are getting the publicity.  The saddest words in retail are always "a missed opportunity", so retailers either get your schemes in or you're missing the boat.  Anyway, here at Liberty, with their ever clever tongue-in-cheek sense of humour have amused us yet again with an installation based around that iconic vehicle, the Mini and of course the Royal Wedding.  Surrounded with the Union flag in its various forms, perfectly saleable product, and stickers placed on the rear glass declaring 'Granny knows best', Wave your flags in the air like you just don't care' and 'My Big Fat Royal Wedding', couldn't help but raise a smile in us.  We love the plastic Queen on top of the wedding cake waving back complete with handbag, but in particular that this is not a waspish poking fun at the event - wonderfully intelligent and drawing together the strands of thought surrounding what we understand and tweaking it ever so cleverly.  We're dying to see what Barneys in New York will do however.  In the mean time great fun as usual guys.

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