Wednesday 13 April 2011

Clarks, London

Who would have thought that Clarks shoes would actually look so trendy, eh?  You turn your back for just one second and even this brand has changed direction faster than a speeding bullet.  We're sure, just like us, you remember (or maybe haunted by) that foot measuring machine from the 70's into which one placed ones feet in order to be measured by those fast moving metallic plates that ever-so-quickly enclosed those pre-teen hooves leaving us to come out in a cold sweat in fear of them being crushed ((((shudder))).  Of course, they only ever gently kissed the sides of the hand-me-down-heel-darned-Wolsey's but sometimes these things never leave us.  Anyway, this store on the corner of Regent st and Conduit st. is one we've been keeping an eye on for a while.  OK, well its still not cool to admit that you shop here (and we don't) but 10/10 for these guys who are clearly moving this brand on and shaking off that smell of a not-so-cheap shoe repairers (and key cutters) and purveyors of stout Brown walking shoes that still haunts us to this day.  That said we are truly thankful that we had to wear and had the benefit of those jolly sensible little numbers, now, with fast approaching middle age but perfectly formed and trouble free feet.   We think this brand have leaped on enormously and hands up, not a bad job too.  Lets hope there's not a celebrity endorsement around the corner, hey?  Gaga over Clarks? - well stranger things have happened.

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