Sunday 20 March 2011

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

There's nothing better than replenishing our visual resources for our commercial concepts than with a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Very often, as we know, if we work full time for any particular commercial brand our resources can become quickly depleted.  We're often working like battery chickens in banks of desks - possibly placed amongst the procurement department too.  And, we know the joy of that, don't we?  But anyway, with the luxury of a free afternoon, we managed to venture to view the new-ish and amazing Ceramics department with its historical and contemporary collections in this centre-of-the- Universe-Museum - how lucky is London to have this place, hey?   If you do have the opportunity, you must spend days and days here.  There is so much to view and we often visit the same historical exhibits which eventually become like faithful old friends.  If your boss wont let you out of the business for at least one afternoon a week to replenish your resources, then they are clearly bleeding you dry and  its time to move on to a company and brand that will support you as well as embrace your skills and knowledge.  Does one exist or is their way of thinking as historical as some of these pieces in this incredible museum?

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