Sunday 6 March 2011

Kirk Originals, London

We keep passing this Kirk Originals store on Conduit st. and for some reason it never seems to make this sites entries.  We've made a particular effort to include it this week as this is a particularly innovative concept for a product that is so difficult to present well.  We've checked out their website too.  Although its a little gimmicky for our tastes (actually rather annoyingly with just about every widget and gadget one can possibly find on the net) it is also pretty cool, fun and informative.  However, ultimately our main focus is on this store right now with its cool black interior and these fun suspended eye lenticulars winking at us seductively and teasingly as we walk by. It is so refreshing to see someone tackle these kind of product type stores head on and present it so creatively.  If we could see the same thinking applied to our long forgotten Banks and Post Offices here in the UK which are ripe for a make over and which seem to currently have the same cache* desirability* pleasant experiential reality* (*delete as appropriate) as unemployment offices (our local one is particularly delightful apparently) surely the high street would be elevated just that little bit more?  What Kirk Originals have presented is an environment which one simply couldn't avoid wanting to experience.  Job very well done we think.

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