Sunday 13 March 2011

Hermes, London

We just cant understand what is happening with this brand?  It seems that they are localising creativity, which of course we absolutely embrace but surely there are some quality assurance indicators in place with these luxury brands and that someone somewhere is looking at this stuff before implementation?  We don't really understand how this scheme got to this stage?  Ultimately, of course the responsibility is not ours so what does it matter, we hear you say?  However, as viewers on the high street and flaneurs, and  from the outside looking in, this is possibly one of the worst schemes we have seen this year.  Worst, not in the quality, as this clearly is a quality scheme, however absolutely worst in lack of concept and subsequent implementation.  We receive a lot of e-mails here at towers from a lot of companies, VM crew and so on which we always welcome,  although we are wondering if anyone will own up to producing this little gem?  Probably not?

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