Tuesday 1 March 2011

Guess, London

We are trying so hard to like what this brand does but we find ourselves really struggling.  The concept of their "Travelling Fair" sounds exciting and the video on the Guess website is beautifully produced and viewing it from a cold and wet London, looks so incredibly exotic and desirable.  The mood board also on their website looks considered, but with one image of an old fashioned Gypsy caravan and the words Arts and Crafts placed amongst scattered secondary fashion shots, one can only wonder where the joined up thinking is here?  Ultimately, how the concept has been translated into a scheme here is, well, just rather flat, non?  We understand the use of the stripes, lights and well, straw, but sadly this scheme at least for us is like looking through a holiday brochure full of wonderfully exciting places to see, only to find on arrival that it is still a construction site.  Why, also are nearly all the mannequins used here facing one direction?  Come on guys, lets get them facing the customer flow. In the meantime, whats with the question mark?  Maybe to keep us Guess-ing?  P.S. there is also one lamp blown out on the bottom right hand corner of the 'dot' on the question mark.

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