Wednesday 9 March 2011

Gant, London

We were really quite impressed with this latest scheme at Gant in London.  Prior offerings have been perhaps a little to out-of-the-manual and clearly global-type schemes.  However this latest campaign and collection from Michael Bastian really is very cool.  The films and collection on their website are so beautifully produced and have been translated into a window scheme so brilliantly, that we are beginning to have a certain amount of faith in globalisation of the high street window schemes.  We're not wholly convinced and definitely not converts however. We seem to have been going in the same direction for the best part of twenty years, although this is an interested direction delivered here.  Michael Bastion's "At the Hotel" is presented almost as a Jacques Tati film set - possibly "Playtime", as the colours are so perfectly placed in monochrome with hints of coloured tones.  We'll keep a distant eye on what these guys are doing and hopefully we'll see even more interesting concepts being blasted at us on the high street.

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