Saturday 5 March 2011

French Connection, London

Has French Connection lost its way?  After an incredible FCUK campaign in the 90's it seems to have simply dissolved away into the background.  It also seems, at least to us, that they are really struggling to establish their personality, perhaps evidenced through their back to basics presentation?  Who knows?  But anyway, while this 'market stall' presentation-type approach is not our favourite trend right now, one would hope that the presentation of it would at least be beautifully produced.  Tonally, its very dull (even throwing in one or two brightly coloured polo shirts somewhere in this scheme would have lifted it and taken the eye around the space) and the product is quite expensive in order to achieve this uniform high street 'look' i.e. to look exactly like everyone else but  at a price.  We're hoping someone will grip this brand by the horns and lead it forward to beyond where it once was and maybe, just maybe we will cross that landing mat again and take a peak inside.

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