Saturday 12 February 2011

Whistles, London

Images Courtesy and Copyright Whistles
This brand is rather a blast from the past - although never actually really went away, just very quiet.  We think you may agree that it did seem to just sink and hide somewhere on the high street near you.  Recently we have seen quite a significant renaissance from these guys and this brand is clearly is on the way up to somewhere, particularly visually.  We'd like to say this brand once again will be quite a visual force on the high street and it is clearly making some incredible statements which we can only love and enjoy.  It is such a pleasure to see this incredible injection of creativity coming from these guys, we just love it - although we don't underestimate how hard it was to get it here.  Do go and look at how they are turning this brand back into the place you want to shop.  We have more images of this brand to share with, just watch this space.

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