Friday 25 February 2011

New Collection, Panache Display, London

You may remember that we mentioned the launch of Jersey Girl from Panache last October with their gorgeous finishes, swan-like necks and wonderful size 8 figures.  This month Panache Display have launched their complementary male figure, Jersey Boys.  We recently bought some figures from this company ourselves so we know the quality of this stuff, which arrived perfectly finished and in good time for the job in hand.  What more could you ask for?  The Jersey Boy range are slim mannequins, sculptured and manufactured exclusively by Panache Display who offer this range which is both relaxed and stylised.  These gorgeous figures are supplied with glass base plates and with a foot or ankle rod with the standard finish in either Matt or of course in the high White gloss -  the likes of which we have seen used by all of the desirable luxury brands.  Naturally, with a company as creative as Panache, this is not the only finish offered and as usual the only limitation is your imagination.  Fabrics, finishes, colours, and combinations of both are limitless.  Do also check out their wonderful new West London showroom too if you have time.  The interior space is just like an artists studio oozing and buzzing with the creativity that only this company know how to produce.  Contact:  for more details about Jersey Boy and their other collections.

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