Tuesday 15 February 2011

Royal Wedding Sick Bags, Lydia Leith, Ilustrator

Images Courtesy and Copyright Lydia Leith

Now that we finally have Valentines Day firmly out of the way, next stop the Royal Wedding?  While we have seen nothing visual yet happening on the high street (unless you know otherwise) we came across the amazing work of Lydia Leith.  Lydia produces illustrations, screen prints and gorgeous drawings.  You would be bonkers not to check her out.  Our favourite bits, of course, are these screen printed Royal Wedding Sick bags.  How fun are these?  If your budgets are tight or if you have tiny spaces, you could do no worse than include these essential little gems in your commercial space for a bit of topicality and maybe in a variety of sizes or in a repetition format. Go on be brave.  Truly a collectors item too - preferably unused of course.  In the meantime, do have a look at Lydia's wide ranging work which has all sorts of applications in your commercial environment.  Lydia can be found at http://www.lydialeith.com/drawing/drawing.html

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