Saturday 5 February 2011

Abercrombie and Fitch

Be afraid, be very afraid.  Aberzombie (our spelling) and Fitch is coming to Paris.  We don't normally include images of people in our images while capturing the zeitgeist,  but this one is simply to indicate the presence and scale of this bland (our spelling again). Are we really in need of yet another slice of Denim, another t-shirt or Rugby top surrounded with parlour palms?  We cant imagine that our readers actually love the crass-ness of brands like this.  Naturally this entry will appear in the global search engines and someones 'G' alert, however as blogs are all about influence......or possibly effluence......this entry about this brand is certainly about  the latter.    Of course even talking about it is influence itself, so what can we do?  We will just nod to the Aberzombies across the room all knowing and that you bought what you did and got hooked into the faux-ness of it all.    In the meantime, where are these lobotomy operations actually performed?
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