Wednesday 19 January 2011


Having looked through my archives, I recently realised that I've never included this brand on this site.  On reflection this is probably because the times that I go out and visit them are when they have shut up shop and cleared out the jewellery.  However, as the brand have recently teamed up with Mathew Williamson, these guys have gone from the ultra dull to something actually quite exciting.  Of course we have seen this kind of fractured backdrop countless times around the globe (and many times here), so it really isn't a new concept, although the guys here are presenting this promotion from a slightly different angle I suppose?  Normally the schemes here, are delicious in their execution, as one would expect, however they are nonetheless also incredibly dull.  Thank goodness for this Mathew Williamson promotion to elevate their overall schemes - at least slightly.  Maybe now is the time also to inject some creativity into the schemes at the Mathew Williamson store round the corner from here too?  Please? 

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