Sunday 12 December 2010

Showrooms, New York 2010

Having had just a few ours sleep and and stepping out into the freezing cold New York weather - which makes me feel right at home - but nonetheless, the wind chill factor here plus the jet lag adds to this feeling of desolation, but still, hey its New York so I'll get over it.  First stops are via the 25th Avenue showrooms to view the latest collections from the suppliers to the Visual Merchandising industry.  Here Bernstein and Roostein have created the most magical and glamorous environments.  Martini's and the Champagne was flowing, so, as you can imagine its difficult to write this stuff.  However, later on I'm off to venture out in the cold to view the latest offerings from Bergdorfs, Barney's, LV, Tiffany and so on.  This week we will show you the best from New York and from the snippets that I have seen, it looks like its going to be a corker of a Christmas here in the Big Apple.

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