Sunday 5 December 2010

Hennes, London

I'm really enjoying what Hennes is doing right now.  Each store seems to have its own personality and this store in Knightsbridge is particularly great fun.  The suspended structures they have placed in this store (not shown here) are very much like the kind of thing one would could view at the Science museum just down the road.  OK, well maybe the feathered eyelashes are not quite right? Although for their target market it is probably just right, and the beehives a la Patsy (as in Edina and Patsy) are superb.  This brand clearly know their target audience and this line up of figures is particularly X-factor-esque rather than the usual perfectly polished groupings one can view at more expensive stores.  I have no doubt this will draw in the young females, and entertain their bored boyfriends with a flash of (albeit fibreglass) mannequin boob.  Job well done guys.

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