Tuesday 21 December 2010

Dior, New York

One cant help but notice the new...ish fascias of the Dior stores right now.  We've seen it in Dubai in the Mall of Dubai and also recently, albeit a 'mini me' version at the newly opened Bond st. site in London.  I must say that I adore the new Dior illuminated fascias but I'm not so sure about their window schemes.  This one, however is great fun with mannequins perched on these silver 'pillows' moving vertically from floor to ceiling all day.  That said, the mannequins here, while of course are the best quality, always look a little either stunned or rather stilted rather than possessing the fluidity and grace that one might expect to represent this historically loaded brand?  A warmer skin tone, make up and bigger hair would have helped here as the females here look just as I feel - frozen.

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