Friday 24 December 2010

Daffys, New York

Strangely I have never included Daffys on this site, although occasionally I have seen a few interesting schemes appear here.  What we have here of course is home product styled as if the mannequin was wearing it.  As far as I'm aware there is no actually name for this type of presentation and therefore it is quite difficult to categorise.  However, when explaining this to my students I usually use the term "Abstract product" to describe what we see here.  I have created this term to describe what we are looking at and therefore you wont find it in any text book.  Having said this of course, the majority of text books referencing Visual Merchandising will always remain firmly on the coffee table.  On the one hand the product of course is saleable, however it has been taken out of its original context and therefore styled with wit and humour as if it could actually be worn.  The backdrop is formed from these cartoon-like printed cut outs and while this brand screams value retailer to me, the scheme itself is rather sophisticated.   

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