Tuesday 28 December 2010

Sicis, New York

I came across the Sicis store recently in New York (a few doors away from Dash, the new..ish Kardashian sister's store).  I have seen this store many times and I am always rather amused at their installations which have ranged from garish panels and suspended mannequins a la Cirque de Soleil style.  However, while I'm not a huge fan of their work, they do produce some interesting uses for their mosaics that I couldn't help but stop and capture this for you.  While I could forgive the Gold covered mannequin, I did find myself gasping a little at the shoe shaped bath covered in mosaics too.  It wasn't so much that the bath was covered in mosaics, but the fact that there was a shoe shaped bath...!  I'm left wondering who would actually buy something like this?  Of course what Sicis are doing is creating theatre and interest around their product, but a Shoe shaped bath?  Is this real do we think? 

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