Wednesday 15 December 2010

Bergdorf Goodman, New York

I was in Visual heaven today at Bergdorfs.  The incredibly stunning ground floor area of this store, as with the windows, is just delicious.  Every arch, chandelier and possibly everything else is covered in White (possibly manicured) branches with lights, Gold beaked taxidermied (is that a word?) Geese (I'm hoping road kill although less glamorous).  OK, well, I was told by the security here or whom I assume were security to put my camera away - after all, a curly wire protruding from ones ear is of course power, yeah right, but hey, who cares and I guess Bergdorfs wont ultimately care for a bit of free publicity, and positive publicity at that?  Maybe I have the advantage that my accent can be sharper than their finest crystal and possibly, just possibly cuts through the garb, but  I would recommend anyway wholeheartedly going to take a look at this store whether they want you to visit them or not.  So, get yourself down there from New 'Joy-see' or the 'Brwoncks' by the coach load with the kids and take a look at your local department store.  Snobbery is working class after all. Just go for the experience and a day out - simply wonderful.  Just don't say I sent you, promise?

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